Installation and Configuration


The ResInsight Python API is compatible with Python 3.

Use rips as bundled with ResInsight executable

If you download the ResInsight binaries, the rips package is bundeled with ResInsight and can be used directly from the user interface of ResInsight.

  1. Download ResInsight

  2. Make sure that Python 3 is installed

  3. Make sure the dependencies of rips are installed python -m pip install grpcio protobuf

  4. Make sure python executable is available from the ResInsight session - python executable is added to environment variables - full path to python executable is defined in Preferences->Scripting->Python Executable Location

Install rips using package system

As admin user, the necessary Python client package is available for install via the Python PIP package system:

python -m pip install rips

or as a regular user:

python -m pip install --user rips

On some systems the python -m pip command can be simplified to pip.

Usage from within ResInsight

Add your script folder to Scripts From the context menu of a Python script, select Execute Text output is reported in Process Monitor


"ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'grpc' Make sure grpc is installed using

python -m pip install grpcio

"ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'google.protobuf' Make sure protobuf is installed using

python -m pip install protobuf

To configure the ResInsight Python Script Server, check Enable Python Script Server and verify Python settings in the Scripting tab of the ResInsight Preference dialog.


The availability of the ResInsight Python Script Server can be confirmed by ResInsight About dialog. If unavailable, please consult ResInsight Build Instructions on